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Waterless traps

Wavin offers a comprehensive range of siphons, traps and connectors for sinks, showers, baths and WCs. Our products are durable and easy to fit. Our range even includes waterless siphons which are not prone to failure caused by evaporation.

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When to use

HepvO overcomes problems sometimes associated with conventional water traps. HepvO will not lose its seal due to evaporation, movement, vibration or siphonage. HepvO is not prone to cracking in freezing conditions and prevents “gurgling” noises in waste pipe, which can sometimes happen when water traps are subject to negative pressure. HepvO is widely exported around Europe and the rest of the world to countries such as US, Australia and Japan. HepvO currently holds a number of product approvals in those countries in which it is sold. The innovative nature of the HepvO waterless valve makes is suitable for use as a problem solver, for instance is hot countries where water traps are prone to drying out or in recreational vehicles, where water traps are prone to losing their seal.

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