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PE barrier system Trigon

Choose Wavin’s PE Barrier pipe system for the transport of potable water in all kinds of ground including sites where there are known contaminates.

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Our triple layer PE Barrier Pipe arrives in 50m coils of 25mm, 32mm and 63mm. It is light and easy to handle and install.

Easy Connection

The system includes a range of brass fittings supplied with an insert designed to maintain the integrity of the pipe. Fittings incorporate an integral O-ring seal and grip ring, providing a fully sealed and end load resistant joint, guaranteeing total impermeability to contaminant ingress.

Certified to the highest standards

Trigon has been tested by independent academic and industry research bodies, confirming complete system integrity for its design life. It is WRc, DVGW and KIWA approved and is fully kitmarked for use at pressure up to 12.5 bar.

What’s next?

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