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Underfloor heating Hep2O

We have underfloor heating solutions for new-build or renovation projects, with any floor construction or type of heat source. Visit our underfloor heating website hep2oufh.co.uk for more information.

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Hep2O underfloor heating

Pipe and flooring systems Hep2O

Pipe and flooring systems Hep<sub>2</sub>O

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We have a range of solutions no matter what floor type or space you are working with. Providing great heat diffusion and insulation, with low build options available where height is critical, and all using our industry leading Hep20 pipe.

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Manifolds and controls Hep2O

Manifolds and controls Hep<sub>2</sub>O

When to use

To ensure you get the maximum comfort and efficiency from your system we offer a range of easy to use but highly functional controls and thermostats. So you can choose the right solution, we offer wired, wireless and web enabled networked options.

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