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Wavin Inspection Chambers for deep installations

Wavin offers Inspection Chambers in 315, 450 and 600mm diameters, approved to BS EN 13598-2 for deep applications. They are suitable for use in both adoptable and non-adoptable applications to a maximum depth of 3 metres, depending on the chamber and the application. There is also a 200mm diameter Inspection Chamber approved to BS EN 13598-1.

Quickly find the most suitable inspection chamber for your project using our online Inspection Chambers Selector.

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Inspection chambers for deep installation
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Choose the right inspection chamber for your next project

The amount of choice available when it comes to choosing an Inspection Chamber can be daunting, so we’ve created a simple online Chamber Selection Tool to take the hassle out of the selection process.

We've also the put together a simple step-by-step selection guide you can read on our blog.

Wavin Inspection Chamber Range

Comprehensive Range

Wavin offers a comprehensive portfolio of Inspection Chambers in 200,315, 450 and 600mm diameters which can provide the optimum solution for every adoptable and non-adoptable situation.

Inspection Chamber compliance


The complete range of Wavin Inspection Chambers – deep are approved to BS EN 13598-2:2009 (except the Range 200 IC which is approved to BS EN 13598 – 1), and comply with the requirements of Sewers for Adoption 7.

Inspection Chambers Multi Etry Bases

Multi Entry Bases

Wavin Inspection Chambers offer multi entry bases with dedicated inlets for optimum flow and performance.

Top solutions

Top solutions

Wavin offers are range of A15 plastic cover and frame solutions for the Range 200, 315 and 450 Inspection Chambers.

What’s next?

What’s next?

Want to learn more about how Inspection chambers for deep installations could benefit your next project? Contact our Technical Design team for advice and support.
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