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April 17, 2015

OSMA - The new name for Hepworth Plastics

Some things are just better together. Like bacon and eggs, pancakes and maple syrup, tea and biscuits and now Hepworth Plastics and Osma!

We've brought together the best products from the Hepworth range and incorporated them with the best products from Osma. You can now enjoy even more of the high quality products, unrivaled service and extensive choice you've come to rely on - and they're now all available under one industry-leading brand... Osma.

Osma offers above and below ground drainage systems forming part of a comprehensive range that provides intelligent solutions for all building, construction and utilities projects:

Hepworth to Osma product code conversion

For full details on code conversions and Osma alternative codes to Hepworth Plastics products, use our code converter tool.

Hepworth Clay and Terracotta

If you were looking for Hepworth Clay or Hepworth Terracotta, please follow the links to their websites below:

Hepworth Clay Hepworth Terracotta
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